Granite Bay House
In fact, there were actually old appliances and garbage left on the property from the remodeling job. We have been working on this house since we bought it. Most of the house is now complete.
See our house from the air, it is the one with the red dot!
Completed in Aug-Sep 2008, a new paint job, new front door and new pool plaster:
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House pictures taken the day we first looked at it. No landscaping and lots of garbage. Inside, there was no carpeting and all three bathrooms were not finished. But it was a big house with lots of potential.

These 3 Cottonwood trees were a threat to our house, so we took them out.

Backyard after pictures. We completed the landscaping in the backyard in 2004.

Before and after pictures of cement driveway.

Our 6' X 24' office. The first picture is a before picture. In 2005 I built a birch and mahogany computer cabinet and nstalled new burgundy countertops to custom fit this odd shaped room, and painted the trim to match.

This is the pool room before and after. Remodel completed 6/2004.

This is our workout room. Remodel completed 6/2004.

The prior owner had attempted to build a makeshift retaining wall on the creekbank in our backyard out of steel and broken cement. The wall was collapsing into the creek, so I rented a tractor and pulled all the debreas out of the creek and rebuilt the whole creek bank.
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Well, we finally finished the kitchen in 2011. My brother Greg came over and installed stainless steel tile with glass tile accents on the backsplash. The first two pictures are of the old, bland, all white kitchen. What a difference.
After searching for a bigger house for two years, we got lucky in April, 2002. We found a
repossessed house in Granite Bay, Ca., just 12 minutes from our previous house in Folsom. This
house has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, a pool, woodshop and storage space, 4800 square feet, on one
acre of property. This house was nearing completion of a major remodel when the owner was
forced to sell. The house and property needed a lot of TLC.