Availalble in a variety of hardwoods
110 volt plug in or battery
More than 3 hours playtime on battery
5.5" inch coaxial speakers
Connect to phone via bluetooth
Handsfree speaker phone
Can also play from USB drive
Can be used as a portable PA system (Optional)

Does Boom Box have Bluetooth? Yes

What happens if a call comes into my phone while connected to the Boom Box? The music will stop playing and you will hear your ringtone, allowing you to answer using the hands free mic
Can I plug in the boom box to a wall plug while playing music? Yes
Can I get a 110 volt plug-in only boom box, with no battery? Yes, please specify this option when you place your order.
These boomboxes look great, sound great and will rattle your windows. Don’t throw your money away on plastic boomboxes you can’t repair. Every component in these boomboxes is easily replaceable by any person using only a screwdriver. Each boombox is unique, no two are the same. You can choose materials and design to customize your own boombox. $275
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